Exhibitor Feedback


Woodex Exhibition is the most important event for the woodworking industry. It is a regular venue for all the largest manufactures of furniture, woodworking goods, machinery, tools, and all the required components for finished goods. That’s why we always pay a lot of attention to our participation in the exhibition, and we are always happy to see you at our stand.
I’d like to thank the organisers of the exhibition that can always boast a very high level of the general process organisation. We are glad to participate in the exhibition and we are expecting it to lead to significant results for us.

Mikhail Solyanik 
Sales Development Director


SCM has been participating in the Woodex Exhibition for twenty years in a row. It is the main exhibition of the year.
We are glad that this year, the organisers are hosting the exhibition in December. It is in December, i.e. after the end of the furniture season, that our clients start planning for the next year and making decisions on equipment purchases. In other words, we expect the negotiations to be more efficient and specific. 
We’ve been always displaying the widest range of our equipment at this exhibition. Of course, there is not enough space to fit everything. Some of the large home-building machinery and other ranges have to be displayed using video presentations. Our special focus this year is on finish technologies. Our company has had this trend for the past two-three years.
We can also see, that during the first day of the exhibition, that was the focus of our customers was, namely, on grinding, moulding, painting, and edge banding technologies. We hope to see positive outcome and receive lots of orders following the results of the exhibition.

Boris Chernyshev 
Managing director


At Woodex, we usually enter into a lot of contracts. It is an opportunity for us and for our customers to meet, to discuss important and relevant issues associated with our industry and our partners’ development.

Andrey Samsonov 
General Director


We’ve been participating in this exhibition for a couple of years. This is our third time. It’s the first time we’ve brought equipment to our stand. Namely, we’ve brought the Amandus Kahl pellet press featuring a capacity of 8 tonnes per hour, i.e. the biggest machine in our range. We see that there is demand for our equipment in this segment of the Russian market.
Basically, it is getting closer to the exhibition in Germany, Europe, in terms of the organisational level and the number of visitors. 

Vladimir Viborov 
Projekt Manager


The exhibition is a great opportunity to meet all our customers located in the neighbouring countries, as well as within the Russian Federation. 
The key aspect of participation in exhibitions is the very communication with the customer, obtaining the customer’s data on equipment needs and on specific solutions.
We’d like to highlight the work done by the organisers of the exhibition and the builders in general. From year to year, the participation in the exhibition becomes more civilised and more European, so to speak. The issues arising during the construction and disassembling of stands are resolved as soon as possible and don’t require any paperwork. The participation has truly become a pleasant experience.

Sergey Panfyorov 
General Director


We are glad to participate once again in this leading exhibition of equipment and tools for woodworking and furniture production. We’ve been regularly participating in this major Russian exhibition for several years. This time, our display is eighty percent new. 
We have high hopes and plans for the exhibition and we think that it’s on the right track, it’s developing, and the number of participants is increasing. We’ve been inviting guests from beyond the neighbouring countries. This year, we even invited the leading manufacturers of woodworking and sawing equipment from Brazil, such as Mendos, or Vantec, a veneer producer, who are very interested in the Russian market.

Yuri Khokhlov
Director for Technical Policy of the Association


It’s not the first time we participate in the Woodex Exhibition. It’s a great reason to meet our potential and future customers. 
The Woodex Exhibition is a great platform to communicate and meet our customers. People from all over the country came to participate. Everyone is happy. The conditions are comfortable.
We have brought our whole range of main products. We’d like to invite our potential customers in order to get to know each other, to talk in person, and to meet our service engineers that will be teaching people to operate the machinery and to adapt it to specific purposes.
We’d like to thank the organisers of Woodex for the opportunity to display our equipment at the end of the year in Moscow, at Crocus Expo. We’d be happy to come again.

Anton Volkov 
Sales Manager


Woodex Exhibition is an international event. Our stands provide an opportunity to communicate with foreign furniture manufacturers, as well as the Russian ones. Lots of people visit our stand, ask questions about the equipment, and, naturally, are drawn to the operating equipment.
The Woodex Exhibition has been clearly evolving. The number of visitors is a good criteria of that. And we’ve been evolving as well.

Alexander Lisitsin 
Sales Manager


It’s our first year at the Woodex Exhibition. Now, I am sure that we are going to participate in Woodex in two years for sure. 
I’d like to thank the organisers of this interesting exhibition. I would also like to add that I was very surprised since I’ve been getting phone calls from my customers for the past two weeks, asking me, “Are we going to see you at Woodex, Jouni?” I was very happy to tell them that we do have a stand, and that I’ll see them here.

Jouni Putkonen 
Vice President, Market Area Russia


Since the Woodex Exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions of equipment and technologies, Tikkurila has a great opportunity to demonstrate its wood protection solutions.
This platform is perfect for finding new partners and contacts, and it presents a great opportunity to close new contracts, display our terms and capacities, and to find new partners. We also participate in multiple presentations of business programme. 
We wish the exhibition participants further development and promotion, and we hope to see them at future exhibitions

Roman Shaposhnikov 
Key Account Manager

Walter Construction

I want to point out the professionalism and high level of organization of the event. For our company, this exhibition is a good opportunity to meet with our regular partners with whom we have long-standing relationships once again, as well as the opportunity to meet new potential customers in the forest industry. Walter E.L., General Director


This is one of the largest events in our industry, both in terms of participants and visitors.
Alexander Kurchenkov, Head of Sales


We regularly participate in the Woodex exhibition. Indeed, all manufacturers of woodworking equipment are gathering on this site - both beginners and market professionals, who, like our company, have a long history. At the end of the exhibition, we expect an influx of new customers.
Artem Mnatsakanyan, Customer Relations Manager